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Bully Hill Dry Rose

Bully-Hill-Dry-Rose$8.99 750 ML

“This unique, craft-vinted Rosé was made using the ancient “Vin Gris” method. Carefully selected red wine grapes are gently destemmed , lightly crushed, and allowed to cold-soak on their skins for a critical two hours; just enough time for the juice to acquire a glorious Damask rose color, but not enough time for the juice to inherit the intense tannins found in red wines fermented from the same grape varieties. The result is a dry, seductive wine bursting with wild strawberry and red currant notes underscored by a bold, clean finish. Our Dry Rosé is superb with food or without and pairs brilliantly with moonlight. Cheers!” -Bully Hill Winery

Arrived 4.12.16


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