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BBQ Wine Pairings

Having trouble deciding which wine to drink with your 4th of July meal or any summer BBQ? Share and save this pairings cheat sheet! Anytime you need recommendations stop into Bremer’s Wine & Liquor and talk to our knowledgable staff!

Bremer's BBQ pairings

Making your New Year the right kind of “sparkly”


Is it that we celebrate the end to a great year; the successes, the births and marriages, promotions and special moments? Or is that we celebrate and welcome a new year; the unknown, the opportunities to come, and the surprises and achievements of the future? It is a true celebration either way.

However you choose to celebrate this year, and no matter the reason you choose to celebrate, your beverages should reflect the sophistication of you and your guests. You may need Champagne enough for an army or one special bottle to pop when the clock strikes midnight. read more

Drink Pink for a Purpose

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. The color pink is displayed throughout neighborhoods. It’s shown as national and local sports teams rally with pink uniforms and ribbons. Walks and runs raise money for support while industries and businesses nationwide stand behind finding a cure. The wine and spirits industry is also supportive in their role of Breast Cancer awareness and Bremer’s Wine and Liquor is proud to carry wines that are being “corked” for a cause and a cure.

pink wine for breast cancer read more

New York State Finger Lakes Riesling Month

The “buzz” at Bremer’s right now is New York State Riesling! September 1st kicked off the Finger Lakes 2013 Vintage Riesling Launch! Bremer’s Wine and Liquor is proud to be part of this state-wide event in support of our great New York State Rieslings. Visit us this month for one (or all) of our many New York State Riesling tastings and find out why the Finger Lakes is quickly becoming recognized as one of the world’s most exciting Riesling producing regions!

Buy New York State Wine Online Riesling read more

What Does It Mean When a Wine Totes a “Rating?”

Are you just entering the ever intriguing and can-be-complicated “world of wine?” For anyone interested in what makes one wine different from another, or if you have ever wondered what those numbers listed next to certain bottles on the shelf are in Bremer’s Wine & Liquor, please read on.

Often enough, upon entering any wine store and or when researching wines online, what you see, even before the tasting note, is a rating. Numbers such as 88, 92, 93… and without knowing what the rating IS, where the rating comes from and why it’s important can be confusing. read more