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Springbrook Hollow Adirondack High Rye Bourbon

springbrook-hollow-high-rye-bourbon$41.99 750 ML

“The Adirondack Park is a cast, unique and rugged landscape. Mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers make up the 6,000,000 acre habitat. Our High Rye Bourbon recipes gives a bold, complex flavor that is coveted by discerning whiskey lovers and fitting for a place as pristine and wild as the Adirondack Park. Unlike most Distilleries in the U.S. our Adirondack spring water is completely unprocessed. Rich in calcium and magnesium, our water is perfect for distilling as is. Kick back in your favorite Adirondack chair and enjoy a smotth dram of the Adirondack’s original Bourbon. Cheers!”
-Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery

Arrived 8.12.16

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