Jameson Irish Coffeetini

Having friends over for drinks and dessert? Why not combine the two with the Jameson Irish Coffeetini? The delectable flavors of espresso (we like Utica Coffee Roasting Company’s) and Kahlua are sweetened with sugar syrup and topped off with Jameson Irish Whiskey in this delicious drink recipe. You and your friends can enjoy this drink today, just by stopping by Bremer’s Wine & Liquor and picking up the ingredients you need.

25ml of Jameson Irish Whiskey
15ml espresso coffee
10ml Kahlua
5ml sugar syrup
Coffee beans (garnish)


Pour 25ml Jameson into a shot glass. Pout the rest of the ingredients into a Boston glass and shake with ice. Fine strain into a second shot glass.

Recipe and image credit: Sartorial Male