New York State Finger Lakes Riesling Month

The “buzz” at Bremer’s right now is New York State Riesling! September 1st kicked off the Finger Lakes 2013 Vintage Riesling Launch! Bremer’s Wine and Liquor is proud to be part of this state-wide event in support of our great New York State Rieslings. Visit us this month for one (or all) of our many New York State Riesling tastings and find out why the Finger Lakes is quickly becoming recognized as one of the world’s most exciting Riesling producing regions!

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Did you know…

Finger Lakes Riesling Quick Facts:
-The Finger Lakes region is home to 850 acres of Riesling
-They produce 220,000 cases of Riesling per year
-The average producer makes 2-3 styles of Riesling wine a year.
-The Finger Lakes is home to over 200 Riesling brands
-Riesling is a grape that prefers a cool climate which helps it develop its strong acidic backbone. The acid helps the wine maintain its complexity and balance.
-A long growing season is required for the grape to express its personality.  The natural conditions of the Finger Lakes soil allows the grape to slowly develop its flavors and aromas and exhibit its regional charm.
-Riesling is a hardy grape and prefers soils that are well drained and contain shale. The Finger Lakes shallow soils and beds of shale produce wines with steely minerality, natural acidity, liveliness and balanced alcohol. The shale allows Riesling to express its terroir and is evidenced by the mineral characteristics found in drier styles of the wine.

Facts found at RieslingLaunch via Finger Lakes Wine Alliance

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