McClelland’s Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 750ML

The free flowing River Spey meanders its way from hill to coast, through some of Scotland’s most picturesque scenery. But for whisky lovers, this beauty is merely a backdrop; the real pleasure of the region comes from its whisky.

Tasting Notes

Rather like the Spey itself, glistening in the sunlight, the appearance of McClelland's Speyside Single Malt is a sight to behold. Honeyed and golden, the elegance of the dram comes shining through in the glass. On the nose, mint and a memory of Scots pine, drifting across the valley floor on a vibrant cool breeze. Wait a little longer and something deeper, more mysterious forces its way through: dark chocolate. Take a sip, roll the dram around your palate and the chocolate melts into sweet nougat and nutty nuances of Brazil and Hazel. And there, all the while, floral top notes swinging and swaying like a wild summer meadow.

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Varietal Scotch
Country Scotland
Brand McClelland's


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