Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio – 750ML

Do you know me? I’m the one in the front row. The one with the big personality, giant sunglasses, large bodyguards. I even have a wine named after me. Brilliant! A stunning Pinot Grigio, in perfect taste for any social event, from fashion shows to fundraisers…or on that rare occasion we’re dining in. Admit it, Middle Sister. We so do love the attention. See you in the gossip columns!

Tasting Notes

Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio is filled with aromas of apples and pears with a touch of lemongrass. On the palate you will find and explosion of juicy pear and citrus. It is lively and refreshing!

Serving Suggestion

Minestrone soup, fried calamari, ham and cheese sandwiches, antipasto and appetizers.

Varietal Pinot Grigio
Country United States
Region California
Brand Middle Sister


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