Rutherford Ranch Four Virtues Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel – 750ML

A renowned wine writer said the best wines must exhibit four virtues: a distinctive style and quality unlike any other; a unique expression of origin (terroir); an intense but not overpowering flavor; and satisfying to the palate and intellect- in other words, be a wine worth talking about! Our winemaking team has passionately crafted this debut vintage with these virtues in mind.

Tasting Notes

Intense and full-bodied with red fruit, blackberry and spice. Soft, subtle tannins and a lingering smoky finish. Aromas & Flavors: Bright raspberry, cherry and juicy blackberry with hints of caramel, vanilla and toasty oak.
Aged with French and American oak, then finished in heavily charred Bourbon barrels.

Vineyard & Varietal Information

Extended cooperage in Bourbon oak barrels imparts nuanced layers of caramel, vanilla and toasty oak to the wine’s naturally intense dark berry character. The result is a robust, deliciously complex and silky smooth Lodi Zinfandel.

Varietal Zinfandel
Country United States
Region California
Appellation Lodi
Brand Rutherford Ranch
Vintage 2017

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