Two Oceans Moscato – 750ML

At the southern tip of Africa, you will find a natural wonder that is as dramatic as it is awe-inspiring. It is where two powerful forces, the mighty Atlantic and Indian oceans, meet.

The sheer scale and natural grandeur will give you pause and a chance to reflect, leaving you inspired, exhilarated and breathless.

Inspired by this special place – where the right elements of climate, natural beauty and world class winemakers combine to create wines that are crisp, refreshing and as easy drinking as the easy-going, hospitable place that it comes from.

Two Oceans Wines is crafted to refresh the palate and soul.

Tasting Notes

Enjoy a glass of this fruity white wine while splayed out on a soft grassy canvass – your favorite people surrounding you and the sun setting in the background to truly appreciate its crisp, subtle brilliance. The bouquet brings to the nose apricot and peach aromas while each sip leaves your palate with a sweet aftertaste of ripe pears.

Serving Suggestion

The wine is excellent, served chilled, on its own or with an array of white meat dishes, summer salads and most creamy seafood.

Varietal Moscato
Country South Africa
Brand Two Oceans
Vintage 2017


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