Struggling To Find Gluten-Free Products?

Living gluten free can be tough! There are so many different opinions on what is and is not safe to eat for people with Celiacs disease. And the confusion doesn’t end with food! Trying to figure out which types of wine and liquor are gluten-free can be even more confusing!

In most cases all wine is considered gluten-free because it is made with grapes. However, there are exceptions to this rule because of certain aspects to the winemaking process. For example, the paste used to seal barrels to age wine may contain flour or wheat. This may cause someone with a high gluten sensitivity to experience a reaction. Other wines may include preservatives or dyes, which contain gluten. The lesson here is to take caution when trying any new wines and if need be contact major wine manufacturers and ask if their wine is gluten-free.

As far as liquor goes, while some people believe that everything that has been distilled is gluten-free, there are others that are wary of this claim. And there is a reason. Everything affects each person differently. Some people can drink liquor distilled from grain (such as whiskey), while others have serious reactions. The Celiac Sprue Association suggests playing it safe and only drinking alcoholic beverages made without ingredients containing gluten, such as vodkas (not distilled from grains), tequila, rum and ciders.

We wanted to make it a little simpler for those living the gluten-free lifestyle, so we did the research and put together a list of gluten-free products available in our store.*

– 1911 Vodka: Made from apples grown in NYS
– 46 Peaks Vodka: Distilled from potatoes
– ADK Vodka: Distilled from locally grown corn
– Ciroc, Ultra Premium Vodka (Plain Only): Distilled from French Grapes
– Life of Reilley Vodka (Original, and Raspberry): Distilled from NYS corn
– Luksusowa Vodka: Distilled from potatoes
– Tito’s Vodka: Distilled from yellow corn

– 1911 Gin: Made from apples grown in NYS
– ADK GinDistilled from locally grown corn

– 1911 Ciders: Made from apples grown in NYS
– Woodchuck CidersMade from apples

*Please take caution when trying anything new; people with a higher sensitivity to gluten may be affected differently than others. For complete information on how each product is made, please contact the manufacturer directly.