Wine 101

Wine 101 BremersWe all know that a drink is much more than just a drink; it’s the company we enjoy our drink with, the event we are celebrating and the beginning of a new chapter. A drink will compliment your meal and your mood. It will remind you of memories. It will be center stage in your photo story. So much can be said with a sip.

If you are looking to learn a little more about your drink – specifically your wine, how to find a great buy, maybe how to make a new mixed drink or what to pair with the perfect dinner you have planned, our Wine101 section is for you.

Let Bremer’s take the guesswork out of your planning. Customer service has always been a priority, and bringing you, our customer, Bremer’s Buzz is one more way we would like to be there for you.

Everything from our 12 under $12, our Case of the Season, our pairing articles to recipes and basic wine information can be found here, on our website, for you. Happy reading!