Our January staff pick was chosen by Anne, one of our new employees.

As a dry red lover, Anne took little time in deciding on starting off the new year with an intense red – ready to warm you up for the cold winter season ahead of us. Enjoy this wine with juicy meat dishes like steak, lamb chops or rare burgers. This also pairs well with aged cheeses for a casual appetizer.

“This smooth, intense Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Lodi, California—including vineyards on Lodi’s East Side Ridge, which marks the beginning of the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. As you climb the hills that Jack once roamed, you enter rugged land where nighttime temperatures drop like a rock, even on hot summer days. This rugged land gives our Cabernet its serious structure and outlaw nature.

Inspired by Three Finger Jack’s daring character, this red bursts with unabashed fruit and a structure to be reckoned with. Polished tannins and saturated flavors of black plums and cherries spiced with coffee and black pepper let you know that this is not your ordinary Cabernet.” – Three Finger Jack

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