September 2021 | Villa Antinori Bianco 2019

Our September Staff Pick was chosen by Rhonda!

Rhonda is notorious for picking out the best international white wines.

This Delicious Italian Tuscan white blend has been on the shelves at our store for a while and for great reason. It’s a great Italian white!

Especially leading into fall when it’s not quite cold yet but still warm enough to sip some white wine with lots of flavors.

Villa Antinori Bianco is straw yellow in color with greenish highlights. The nose is fruity and floral and offers much finesse and elegance with notes of bananas, pineapple, white flowers and candied fruit. The palate is balanced and persistent, with savory mineral notes on the finish and aftertaste.

Pair this wine with many great meals like pastas, vegetarian, & fish dishes. Also enjoy with a variety of appetizers, snacks and cured meats and cheeses.

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