Valentine Wine Cork Wreath

So you’re wondering what to do with all you wine corks you’ve been saving & Valentines is this week!
If you’re bored this one is super simple & makes a cute Valentine Wreath to dress up any door in your house.

Corks (enough to fill the outline of a heart – size to your liking)
Hot Glue gun
Paint (red or pink – or your own choice of color)
Red/Pink Decorative Ribbon

Before you start gluing the corks together – lay them out in the shape of a heart first, sized to your liking. (You can always use a printed outline if you want)

Then one by one – glue your corks together at the sides – you should only need a dab of glue a little less than the size of a pea.

Wait a while until the glue is completely dry – Then you can paint the tops of the corks with your paint color. Or leave them bare if you want too!

Lastly (When the paint dries) Loop your ribbon around your heart and tie a bow at the top.

Hang on a door for a cute valentine decoration