Wine Crafts

Herb Markers

This is probably one of the easiest crafts you will ever do! Even if you know what all of your herbs/plants are in your garden these are so easy to make that you will want to create them just to dress things up.

Glitter Wine Bottle Vases

Using wine bottles as a vase is not a new idea, so why not add some flair (cough, cough… glitter) to those bottles to give them even more style. We know sometimes glitter can get out of hand very quickly, but by just adding a touch of it at the bottle of each bottle you…

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DIY Wine Cork Headphone Holder

If you hate untangling your headphones every time you go to use them (and we know you do) try this super quick and easy way to keep them tangle free using a wine cork.

Turkey Wine Cork Name Cards

While you might not need to put place cards out for your Thanksgiving dinner, (because let’s be real, everybody normally sits in the same seat every year) these Turkey Wine Cork Name Cards are too cute not to add to your table this year. And don’t worry, they’re super simple to make so you won’t…

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Wine Jack-O-Lanterns

It’s almost scary how cute these wine (and Jack Daniel’s) Jack-O-Lantern bottles are. Not only are they the perfect addition to your Halloween decor, but they’re fun to make and you get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the process!

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Keep saving those wine corks and then get organized in style with this Wine Cork Bulletin Board tutorial by A Beautiful Mess. It’s a great way to keep track of everything important and you’ll love looking at it too!

DIY Beach Wine Bottle Keepsake

Everyone loves a great day at the beach with friends! Why not commemorate the day by taking some sand home with you… on purpose, not just the sand you can’t get rid of! Simple, customizable to your style and the perfect keepsake so you’re reminded of all of the fun everyday.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Keep those pesky bugs away this summer while you enjoy the great outdoors with this great tutorial for Wine Bottle Tiki Torches by Hello Glow.

Wine Cork Photo Clips

Whether you’re looking to display your favorite pictures on your desk at work, your mantle or just anywhere you can find a spot, check out this tutorial for Wine Cork Photo Clips by A Charming Project that is super simple and super adorable!

Stars and Stripes Wine Bottles

Let the festivities begin… with crafts! Use all those empty wine bottles you have left from your Memorial Day bash to get even more festive for Independence Day with this tutorial for Stars and Stripes Wine Bottles we found by Champagne Thursdays.