Wine Crafts

Pumpkins for fall

It’s that bitter sweet time of year again and it’s no secret some of you have already started decorating – so here’s another idea to put those corks to use.

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Bottle Lamps & Displays

I’m sure many of you have seen the bottles with the twinkle lights in them, but you can also use your favorite bottle for a lamp base! Amazon is your best friend for both of these simple easy wine crafts.

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Cork Wreath for Fall

Fall is approaching and quarantine has you stocked up on bottle corks. Don’t throw them out! Instead pour yourself another glass and make a cute fall wreath for your front door!

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Wine Vases

The Flowers are finally blooming and it’s the perfect season to open those windows and decorate with some fresh flowers. If you drink wine, you’re never short on vases!

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Looking for something new to do with those corks you have been collecting? Try these potted cork flowers that will add that bright spot to your desk or your mantle you’ve been searching for. Supplies Wine corks (you will need 7 per flower) Paint (whatever colors you want to make your flowers) Mini Pots (I…

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The holidays may be over, but winter is here to stay. While you’re stuck inside due to the cold weather, get creative with all of your leftover wine corks and make these adorable cork snowmen. Supplies Wine corks (champagne or regular) White Paint Black Sharpie Orange Craft Paper Ribbon Glue Scissors Directions Paint your corks…

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Herb Markers

This is probably one of the easiest crafts you will ever do! Even if you know what all of your herbs/plants are in your garden these are so easy to make that you will want to create them just to dress things up.

Glitter Wine Bottle Vases

Using wine bottles as a vase is not a new idea, so why not add some flair (cough, cough… glitter) to those bottles to give them even more style. We know sometimes glitter can get out of hand very quickly, but by just adding a touch of it at the bottle of each bottle you…

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