The holidays may be over, but winter is here to stay. While you’re stuck inside due to the cold weather, get creative with all of your leftover wine corks and make these adorable cork snowmen.

Wine corks (champagne or regular)
White Paint
Black Sharpie
Orange Craft Paper

Paint your corks with white paint and let dry. While you’re waiting cut out small triangles from your orange craft paper for each snowman’s nose. Once your paint is dry glue your noses on. Next, draw on the snowman’s eyes, smile and and coal buttons with a black sharpie. Tie a ribbon around the middle of the snowman and place a dot of glue to hold in place. And viola… you’ve got your very own cork snowman!

Don’t be afraid to get creative… Draw on different faces, uses beads as eyes and buttons instead of a sharpie, ad 2 pom-poms and a pipe cleaner to make earmuffs, or use an old flannel to cut scarves out instead of ribbon.

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