Drink Recipes

Whether you’re planning a large party, an intimate get-together, or a girls’ night in, you’re sure to be inspired by our great drink recipes. You’ll easily find the wines and liquors you need for them right at Bremer’s Wine & Liquor. Browse through them all and get ideas for your next get-together!

Daiquiris The Best Way for Daiquiri Day

We’ll be honest, Liquor.com said it better than we could! Yes Daiquiris are still delicious as fruity and frozen, but we can’t help but appreciate how to best enjoy them the way they were originally meant to be enjoyed! Even the way Hemingway wanted it!

Click the names to read about the stories behind them – they’re pretty interesting!

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Summer Fruit for Memorial Day

BOURBON PEACH SWEET TEA by Morgan For recipe click here. PEACH GIN FIZZ by Jacquelyn For recipe click here. BOOZY DOLE WHIP by Makinze Gore For recipe click here. RAINBOW SANGRIA by Lindsay Funston For recipe click here. MOSCATO MARGARITA by Lena Abraham For recipe click here.