Cork Wreath for Fall

Fall is approaching and quarantine has you stocked up on bottle corks. Don’t throw them out! Instead pour yourself another glass and make a cute fall wreath for your front door!

Straw Wreath ring
a lot of corks
some burlap ribbon (or any kind of ribbon)
artificial flowers
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
String lights (preferably battery operated)
a serrated knife (to cut the corks)

Gather all your materials & if you prefer to cut your corks in half, it helps to steam them for about 15 minutes in a colander over boiling water. Then carefully cut your stash of corks in half with the serrated knife when cooled just enough to touch.

Next, cut your ribbon to size and tie it in a bow around your wreath ring where ever and how ever you like!

Now you can begin glueing your corks to your wreath with hot glue. You can glue them to the wreath in any pattern or however you like. It looks best if you can fill the wreath with your corks.

Once the corks are glued and secured, arrange your flowers however you want on your wreath and hot glue them in place. It’s fun to get creative & you can use a lot more flowers if you wish.

If you want to add string lights – simply wrap your wreath in the lights. You can hot glue the battery pack to the back of your wreath, but make sure you can still detach the backing to replace the batteries.

Then you’re done! All you have to do is find the perfect place to hang and enjoy your wreath!