Herb Markers

This is probably one of the easiest crafts you will ever do! Even if you know what all of your herbs/plants are in your garden these are so easy to make that you will want to create them just to dress things up.

herb markers 1

Metal skewers (I found mine at the Dollar Store, you can use wooden sticks as well, but I found that the metal ones lasted better and were also easier to poke into the corks)

Gather the number of corks and skewers you need for the herbs you have. Then write one herb/plant name on each cork. Stick a metal skewer into each cork. (You can take the time to drill a hole into each cork slightly smaller than the skewer, however I found that once you got them on, they weren’t going anyway.

herb markers 2

Lastly, stick each one into the ground near the designated herb and viola!

herb markers 3