Glitter Wine Bottle Vases

Using wine bottles as a vase is not a new idea, so why not add some flair (cough, cough… glitter) to those bottles to give them even more style. We know sometimes glitter can get out of hand very quickly, but by just adding a touch of it at the bottle of each bottle you can create a selection of vases you will want to use over and over again.

Empty wine bottles
Brillo pad
Spray paint (I used Krylon Satin White)
Glue (Elmer’s Glue-All worked well enough)
Paint brush (Not a good one, as you are using it for glue and glitter)
Mod Podge

Once you have enough empty wine bottles your first step is to remove the labels. I followed this tutorial and it worked pretty well. I ended up having to scrape off some remaining pieces, if that happens you can always soak the whole bottle in water to make it easier. Then use a Brillo pad to remove the excess adhesive left on the bottle.

diy vases bremer's paint

Next step is to spray paint all of the wine bottles, then let the paint dry for 24 hours.

Once the paint is completely dry, take glue and spread it on your bottle wherever you would like glitter. There is no need to be super accurate here. Once you have the glue where you would like sprinkle the glitter on (just make sure you have something underneath the bottle to catch all that excess glitter!)

I used ‘Elmer’s Glue-All’ glue for this because it is what I had lying around, but I’m sure there are some better glitter glues out there. ***Be careful not to use too much glue, otherwise your glitter will droop down the bottle before it finishes drying completely.***

Let the glue dry completely, then put a thin layer of Mod Podge over the glitter to seal it in place.

Once that is dry pick up some flowers from the store (or if you’re lucky enough grab some from your garden outside) and enjoy!