Wine Cork Photo Clips

Whether you’re looking to display your favorite pictures on your desk at work, your mantle or just anywhere you can find a spot, check out this tutorial for Wine Cork Photo Clips by A Charming Project that is super simple and super adorable!

Wine corks
Malleable craft wire
Mini clothes pins
Exacto knife
Your favorite wallet size photos
Fabric dye (Optional: if you are dying your corks)



Thread wire through clothes pin.

Pinch the wires tightly together to secure the clothes pin from moving.

Twist one wire around the other in a spiral .

Keep twisting into a spiral until you achieve your desired length.

Optional: Follow fabric dye instructions and add corks to the dye. Depending on the dye it will take 1-3 days for the color to take. The brighter the color the shorter the time it takes to dye the wine corks.


Use an exacto knife to make a small puncture for the wire.

Carefully stick the wire into the wine cork and add photos!


Tutorial and image credit: A Charming Project