April 2019 | The Cleaver Red Blend

Our April staff pick was chosen by Anne, our newest employee.

When asked to make a pick, Anne new instantly what her choice would be. A dry red wine lover, Anne didn’t used to drink red blends, however The Cleaver has been here gateway into a world of wonderful wines. She suggests it as a good option for lamb during Easter dinner or those grilled steaks you’ve been dying to make since the first warm breeze of this year. A great option to treat yourself without going too far out of your budget.

“Deep and dark, The Cleaver is silky smooth with threads of acidity that pace from front to back, balancing the full-bodied weight of this wine. A definite delight in the flavor department, this blend of red varietals offers black plum, blackberry jam, and a smidge of peppercorn to keep it interesting.” -The Cleaver Wine

Need a recipe perfect to pair with this great new pick? Try this recipe we found for a Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Spicy Rub by Farm Flavor.

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