Godiva Liqueurs Discontinued – Now What?

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

It was a bit of a surprise when we found out that Godiva was discontinuing its line of chocolate liqueurs. Bartenders and home mixologists relied on the line for many chocolate-flavored cocktails, but there are substitutes available.

Bremer’s carries both chocolate cream liqueurs and creme de cacaos. Creme de cacao is not made with cream and so will be thinner than a chocolate cream liqueur. It comes in both clear (white) and dark brown varieties.

Mozart makes chocolate cream liqueurs that may be the best substitute for cocktails normally made with Godiva. Tippy Cow also makes a rum-based chocolate cream that may work in many recipes.

You may have to experiment with different chocolate liqueurs in order to find the flavor and consistency that you want in a drink, but that’s half the fun!

Give these products a try:
Mozart Dark Chocolate
Mozart Chocolate
Dorda Double Chocolate
Tippy Cow Chocolate
Brown Creme de Cacao
White Creme de Cacao