JULY 2021 | Egon Grüner Veltliner 2019

July’s staff pick was chosen by Marissa!

This wine was chosen after never having tried a Grüner before, and was pleasantly surprised!

For those of you that may not know about Grüner Veltliner, this varietal mainly comes from Austria. It is a white wine that can be compared to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Dry Riesling. When Marissa first tasted this wine, that’s exactly how she would describe the first sip – with aromas of Riesling but tasting a lot like a Sauvignon Blanc.

Egon is Sustainably farmed on soils of Loess and Konglomorate, these vines grow along the right bank of the Danube across from the Wachau alongside some of Austria’s oldest vines. With vineyards facing mostly east or south, the unique soils and continental climate yield wines that are fruity, spicy and peppery with great minerality.
“Fruity, Spicy and Peppery.”

This wine is the perfect wine for summer as it is meant to be sipped ice cold on a hot afternoon.

It’s also a very versatile wine for food pairing. It stands up well to many meats and plenty of spices! Try with dishes with a lot of spice and flavors like Greek, Asian or even Lebanese cuisines. (all of Marissa’s favorites!)

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