September 2018 | Domaine Lafage Côté Este

Our September staff pick was chosen by Rhonda, an employee at Bremer’s for 15 years.

Rhonda loves warmer weather, so she loves to enjoy every last bit of it she can before Fall arrives. And her pick this month, which is a white blend of Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay and Marsanne is the perfect choice to enjoy when the sun is out (hopefully), but there is a slight chill in the air. Rhonda especially loves this wine alongside seafood dishes like Pasta with Scallops or chicken dishes like Chicken Francaise.

“Côté d’Est, as the name suggests, comes from vineyards planted on the gentle slopes facing the Mediterranean just a few kilometers inland from the sea. Benefiting from the thermal breezes that refresh these vineyards every afternoon in the summer – which preserves a high level of natural acidity in the grapes – this is a lively blend of Grenache Blanc with smaller percentages of Chardonnay and Roussanne. Floral and aromatic, it is an excellent example of the open and friendly whites you can find all along the Catalan coast from Perpignan to the Penedès.” -Eric Solomon Selections

Pick up your bottle or order it online now and try it alongside this mouth-watering recipe for Lemon-Ricotta Pasta with Seared Scallops by Flavorite.