10 Random Facts About Wine


1.“In ancient Greece, a dinner host would take the first sip of wine to assure guests the wine was not poisoned, hence the phrase “drinking to one’s health.” “Toasting” started in ancient Rome when the Romans continued the Greek tradition but started dropping a piece of toasted bread into each wine glass to temper undesirable tastes or excessive acidity.”

2.“Early Roman women were forbidden to drink wine, and a husband who found his wife drinking was at liberty to kill her. Divorce on the same grounds was last recorded in Rome in 194 B.C.” This would certainly not fly today!

3.There is increasing scientific evidence that moderate, regular wine drinking can reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and gum disease.


4.“Not all wines improve with time. In fact, a vast majority of wines produced are ready to drink and do not have much potential for aging. Only a rare few will last longer than a decade.” So dust off those wine bottles and drink up!

5.“Women are more susceptible to the effects of wine than men partly because they have less of an enzyme in the lining of the stomach that is needed to metabolize alcohol efficiently.”

7.“At the center of Greek social and intellectual life was the symposium, which literally means, “drinking together.” Indeed, the symposium reflects Greek fondness for mixing wine and intellectual discussion.” Grab some friends and a few bottles of wine.

7.“Plato argued that the minimum drinking age should be 18, and then wine in moderation may be tasted until 31. When a man reaches 40, he may drink as much as he wants to cure the “crabbedness of old age.”


8.“Wine grapes rank number one among the world’s fruit crops in terms of acres planted.”

9.“Global warming may redefine wine growing in the future. Even tiny temperature changes can dramatically change the quality of wine.” Make sure to recycle those wine bottles!

10.“Oenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine.” I can’t even imagine!

Source: Random Facts