Collectable Recipe Cards

In May we released new mini 50ML bundles tied together with a recipe card. They’re perfectly sized to try new products with a tasty drink recipe you can mix yourself at home! Below is a list of a few recipes we are featuring on the mini mixer bundles.
Available In-Store (for the time being) & While Supplies Last!

Limited release available 7/27/20 until supplies run out.

2 Bay Malibu Beach Cream
Combine 1 part of Strawberry, Banana Cream & Coconut Rum with 2 parts of orange juice and pineapple juice in a shaker full of ice. Shake until chilled, strain over ice in your favorite glass. Pour in one part grenadine & let settle at bottom. Garnish with a Cherry.

Added 06/15/20

The Gran Margarita
Prepare a rocks glass full of ice & rim the top with salt if desired. Combine equal parts tequila & orange liquor with a squeeze of lime in a shaker. Shake until chilled, strain into glass, garnish & enjoy.

Added 06/08/20

Suffering Skrew
Mixing Skrewball and Gin? It taste better than you think! Try mixing equal parts Skrewball & Tanqueray with a squeeze of lime juice in a shaker full of ice. Pour in a glass and top with ginger ale with lime & mint garnish.

Frozen Starburst Whitney
The fun way to enjoy Pink Whitney! Fill a blender with ice, equal parts Pink Whitney, Bacardi Superior & lemonade. Add starburst candies to taste and sprinkle in some kool-aid-powder. Blend until smooth, pour in a glass and top with leftover starbursts!

Released 5/12/2020
Cosmo Quarantini
This recipe was inspired by a few friends and family members of Marissa (our newest employee). During quarantine Zoom & Facetime meetings were the new Friday night get togethers and this Cosmopolitan Recipe became a favorite.
The Recipe includes equal parts Cointreau, Absolute Citron Vodka & Cranberry Juice with a splash of Lime.

The Elvis Shot – Discontinued
Peanut Butter Whiskey has become the latest craze over the new year. The Elvis shot mixes the amazing Peanut Butter flavors of Skrewball Whiskey with Banana flavor! It’s like a peanut butter covered banana!
This recipe includes 2 parts Skrewball & 1 part Blue Chair Bay Banana Cream Rum.

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot
Fireball is still a very popular shot flavor, so how about mixing it up a little? This one tastes just like breakfast!
This recipe includes equal parts Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey with Rum Chata – Don’t forget to coat the shot glass rim with cinnamon sugar!

Shop these mini mixer bundles in-store now to learn some other creative and delicious recipes. You might even find your next go-to drink and be able to mix it yourself!