DIY Beach Wine Bottle Keepsake

Everyone loves a great day at the beach with friends! Why not commemorate the day by taking some sand home with you… on purpose, not just the sand you can’t get rid of! Simple, customizable to your style and the perfect keepsake so you’re reminded of all of the fun everyday.

One great day at the beach!
Wine bottle
Super Glue
Decorative tape
Permanent markers
Any other Keepsakes you might want to add from your trip

I found all of my supplies at Target for under $20. Go to any store, and pick out what fits your style!

Grab a bottle to share with your friends and head to the beach, make sure you collect some sand and sea shells while you’re there. (You only need about half the amount of sand pictured, as I had plenty left over).


Start by pealing the label off of your wine bottle. I followed this tutorial and it worked pretty well. I might not have been patient enough, so I ended up having to scrape off some remaining pieces. I also was out of Goo Gone, so I used a brillo pad to remove the excess adhesive left on the bottle and it worked amazing!

After you scrape the label off, if you use this method you will want to wait for the bottle to dry, as you don’t want to put the sand in while the bottle is still wet.


Next start putting on your decorative tape and twine. Use the super glue at the start and end of the twine to adhere it to the bottle. This will also work if your tape is not sticking at the ends.

Then super glue the shells to the front of your bottle.


If you want, write the location and date of your trip anywhere on the bottle.

Pour the sand in the bottle, you will probably want to do this step outside, as I’m sure you know sand gets everywhere no matter how hard you try to prevent that. I just used my hands to pour a little in at a time, but you can use a funnel if you want.

Lastly screw the top back on or cork the bottle and wrap some decorative tape around the top to finish it off.

Now you have a keepsake to remember your beach trip for years to come. If you go to the beach often, you can even collect sand from the different beaches and layer it. It can be something you add to every year.


Tutorial and image credit: Our own Marketing Director, Amy