February’s staff pick was chosen by our newest employee, Gianna!

In spirit of the Valentine season, Giana decided to choose something on the sweeter side to celebrate with your sweetheart!

“A light, delicate body just waiting to be uncorked. At first blush it’s clear, there’s no need to keep this irresistible attraction a secret. This pure and sweet temptation will lead to more than a moment of bliss. Baby, you’ve got me under your spell.”

This pick is not only a great wine, but it’s from a New York Winery and they like to do something extra special with their labels & wine names…
– “Our Women of Distinction wine series is inspired by influential women of past and present, like Rosa Parks’ ferocity, Frida Kahlo’s eccentricity, Amelia Earhart’s lust to explore and Elizabeth Blackwell’s audacity. We celebrate the daring characteristics of the women who came before us. Show us how you dare to bare! Which label best describes your personality?”

Pair with spicy asian cuisine, chicken tortilla soup & carrot cake.

Pickup your bottle at Bremer’s or order it online now.