Turkey Wine Cork Name Cards

While you might not need to put place cards out for your Thanksgiving dinner, (because let’s be real, everybody normally sits in the same seat every year) these Turkey Wine Cork Name Cards are too cute not to add to your table this year. And don’t worry, they’re super simple to make so you won’t be taking away from any cooking time.

Construction paper (I used 5 different colors)
Scissors or and x-acto knife
Super Glue
Wine Corks
Googly Eyes
Gold Sharpie



Draw a feather and cut it out to use as a template. Trace the feather on each color for however many you need (depending on how many colors you are using and how many turkeys you are making. Cut out all of the feathers than write each person’s name on 1 feather.


Use your gold sharpie (or whatever color you choose) to draw an outline around the edge of each feather. You can really decorate each feather however you want, I went with the gold edging because I wanted to keep it simple.

Once you have all of your feathers cut out and decorated use a dot of superglue to glue each feather in a fan shape. I used 5 per turkey and chose to put the colors in the same order on each one.


Next cut out small squares and then cut each square in half diagonally to use for the turkey’s beak. Glue a beak onto each cork then glue 2 eyes. Once all of those pieces are dry and secure glue the feathers onto the back of each turkey and let dry.


Use them in your Thanksgiving table setting to impress your guests… even if it doesn’t matter where they sit.