Wine Jack-O-Lanterns

It’s almost scary how cute these wine (and Jack Daniel’s) Jack-O-Lantern bottles are. Not only are they the perfect addition to your Halloween decor, but they’re fun to make and you get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the process!

Orange spray paint
Black spray paint
Brown or green spray paint
Painter’s tape
X-acto knife
Cutting board
Small bags
Wine bottles/liquor bottles

The first thing you are going to need to do is to remove the labels from your bottles. You can do this pretty easily by soaking the bottles in warm water and then scraping off the labels. You can clean off any leftover glue residue using a brillo pad.


Once your bottles are dry you’re ready to go. Spray one side of each bottle with the black spray paint and let dry. This will be what shows through for the face of your Jack-O-Lantern. If your bottle is already black or a dark color that you are okay with you can skip this step.*

Next use the brown or green (depending on what color your want your Jack-O-Lantern’s “stem” to be) to spray the necks of each bottle and let dry. Don’t worry about taping this off now as you are just going to spray the orange paint over everything later.


In the meantime tape some painter’s tape onto your cutting board and cut out the shapes you want the eyes, nose and mouth to be for each Jack-O-Lantern.

Once your stems are dry tape small bags over the necks of the bottle so you don’t get any orange paint where it doesn’t belong. Peel the eyes, nose and mouths off of your cutting board and place them on each bottle (being sure there are no bumps and the tape is secure). Spray each bottle with orange paint and let dry completely.


Once dry, carefully peel away the tape on both the stems and the faces. Pull them off slowly and toward the center of the tape. If you pull toward the edges there is a chance you will peel the paint off in the process. You can use your x-acto knife to help you with this.


*If you would rather, you can spray the entire bottle orange and then draw the faces on afterward with a black sharpie or black paint. My goal was to spray the black on lightly so I can put glow sticks inside so that my Jack-O-Lanterns will glow.